When can I take the course?

The course can be taken at anytime. It is completely online, and participants can start the course immediately after signing up for it.

I've purchased the course. How do I access my course materials.

Once you have purchased your course, you will receive an email confirmation of your order and an email entitled “Your Legislative Drafting Course content”. Click on the link in the email and it will take you to your online course.

I've purchased the course, but haven’t been able to view all of the lectures within the 2-month timeframe within which the course is available. What should I do?

Contact the course administrator at info@legislativedrafting.co.

Can I get an invoice for expense or tax purposes?

Yes, invoices will be provided on request, after a course has been ordered. Please send a request for an invoice to info@legislativedrafting.co

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. To do so, on the payment page for the course, click on "Bank Deposit".

You will get a message saying "Please contact info@legislativedrafting.co for bank account details".

At that point, the participant will be registered for the course, but the course page won’t yet be active. Once the payment is received, the course page will be activated.

What is the Premium Course?

The Premium Course includes the same series of streamed video lectures and practical exercises as the regular online course, but also includes a series of 4 assignments, which are submitted by participants for individualized feedback. Assignments are submitted to info@legislativedrafting.co, and feedback will normally be provided within 48 hours.

Participants in the Premium Course have access to the materials for 90 days (30 days more than the regular course) to allow ample time to complete the assignments.

Participants in the Premium Course receive a certificate of completion once all 4 assignments have been submitted.

For more information, please click on the line “What is the Premium Course?” on the Premium Course page.

I've downloaded the course materials and exercises in .zip format but can’t open them.

If your operating system doesn’t open them automatically, you can unzip the file using free software such as 7-zip, which is available at https://www.7-zip.org/download.html.

How much time does the course require?

In terms of pacing, a general recommendation would be to set aside twice the time that is indicated for each lecture. Partly, this is because the online lecture proceeds a bit more quickly than a live lecture, and in consequence participants may choose to pause the lecture from time to time to either take notes or repeat a section of it.

For the exercises, it is recommended to budget an hour or two for each one, before listening to the discussion of the exercise.

For the assignments, it is recommended to budget 3 to 4 hours for each one, at a minimum. The "instructions" for each assignment indicate a recommended point in the course to do it − in other words, they indicate what lectures are recommended to have covered before attempting the assignment. The assignments can be done anytime, of course, including at the end after listening to all of the lectures.

What course materials can I keep?

The lectures themselves are streamed, but the pdfs of the lecture slides are downloaded, and you can therefore retain them. And of course, if you purchase the course text (separate from the course), it is naturally yours to keep.

What level of feedback is given for the Premium Course?

For the premium course the first level of feedback is written, so participants will get a scan of their assignments back with areas for improvement pointed out, accompanied by written commentary on those. At that point, or indeed at any point in the course, participants can email questions (to info@legislativedrafting.co or a telephone or Zoom call can be arranged to discuss them.

How do I sign up more than one participant being paid for by an organization or company?

While a single administrator can sign up more than one participant at a time, please ensure that the email address entered is the individual’s email address, and not the administrator’s, because each participant receives an individual access code and should be using a unique password. In addition, please ensure that the address given for the individual matches the billing address on any credit card being used to pay for the participant (or the system will not authorize the course).